Microsoft Mobile Apps For Your Device

Without carving market share towards the two big mobile operating systems – iOS and Android, Microsoft strives to make much of its software available cross-platform, in which creating applications for users to install no matter if it’s on its own OS or competitors’.

Whether you are a user of Samsung or Apple, there are enough Microsoft apps to fill the screen up.

Here are my favorite Apps from Microsoft that I would always install on and used frequently on any of my devices:

You get to connect to all the email accounts and associated calendars with Outlook. It allows you to easily access your email when you are outside the office. The Outlook app is way too essential to every business individual.


Microsoft Authenticator

To ensure having extra security for online access of Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Authenticators’ two-step verification helps protect my accounts beyond simply passwords along with a one-time verification code. In this hi-tech era, even a complex password is no longer providing enough security.


Microsoft To-Do

This app probably dominates the task management apps, as it is really user-friendly it helps you manage, prioritize, and complete the most important things you need to achieve every day. Also, it supports Office 365 integration. No doubt that it has become my daily driver for my task list.


Microsoft Office Lens

Named one of the Best Apps from Microsoft mobile. Office Lens helps you convert written materials like sticky notes or pictures of whiteboards and documents to editable documents digitally. And it works with OneNote and OneDrive as well. Definitely it’s a handy scanner your admin office would love to have.



A very handy storage solution for anyone. With OneDrive, you might not have to bring along a USB drive while giving a presentation or deal with occasional errors when accessing the files. Just simply place and drag files from the cloud.


Office Mobile

Personally, I am not a fan of creating Office documents on the little screen but having quick access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote documents would be a huge plus for me to read when I am without a laptop around me in a real crunch situation.


Still, thinking? They’re all FREE, so why not give it a try and I bet you will find them enhance your daily efficiency and get productive at work.

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