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Have you experienced occasional troubleshooting but usually difficult to fix? These problems could be obvious or unnoticed in a workplace where computers, printers, laptops, and other equipment look functional from a distance.

Users tend to forget its limitation to an extent overutilizing office equipment until it gets spoiled. Nobody wants to spend extra money, time, and effort in finding the best solutions.

Technology experts have foreseen the inevitability of mistakes in harnessing IT particularly running a small business.  Because of limited resources, owners of small-scale businesses overlook the value of upgraded IT facilities.

Business owners struggle in dealing with prevalent IT mistakes that are commonly ignored until serious problems become unresolved.  Most of these can be found and prevented internally. The good thing about today’s technological advancement is providing basic and comprehensive solutions to any type of business.


Owners and employees in a small-scale business must be keen on looking out for common IT mistakes such as:


1. Use of Obsolete Hardware.

Old desktop and laptop can still be useful to some who want to save money. But, its impact on productivity can be costly when used over its normal lifespan.  Phased-out models of computers can slow down the business processes because of its outdated specifications and inefficient operating system.


2. Unsecured E-mail Platforms.

Sending and receiving electronic mails is one of the overused functions, and generally seen as unsecured because messages are not encrypted. Its level of security can be unknowingly downgraded especially when end-users are drawn to practicality over reliability.

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3. Lack of Staff Training.

Running a small business with a limited number of staff can be complacent to technical training given its additional spending.  The downside of this mindset contributes to limited knowledge and skills of employees preventing the cost-effectiveness of individual performance.


4. Underutilized Cloud Computing.

Most of the small businesses have yet to discover or fully utilized the cloud computing system. Perhaps, the business model does not require a paperless, remote operation whereas considering a seamless way of doing business.


5. Untapped Features of Smartphones.

The current models of smartphones are built with business-oriented features such as mobile applications and powerful software. Being clueless about its integration with business operation can be intimidating at first, but useful once integrated into the workplace.

If you were the entrepreneur who just wants a decent earning, would you be alerted from these common IT mistakes? The answer is certainly yes to be conscious of possible setbacks for every decision made related to information technology.   Regardless of the size and nature of the business, there could be a lot of common technical issues affecting business operations.


Come to think of it most of the common IT mistakes can be avoided at its earliest stage if only its preventive measures can be managed within the organization. There could be solutions that are readily available but just needed integration. Some IT solutions can also, be outsourced from a third party who offers professional services fitted to the technical requirements of the business.

It is never too late to make changes the way you do business so start today and discover how IT can be improved.


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