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5G is not just about faster speeds, it can transform your business so start thinking about how you can utilize it.  

5G networks have started rolling out and as businesses start to gear up to take advantage of 5G, not everyone is prepared for it. 5G creates a lot of potential for business owners but it also brings in challenges in the form of data security.  

What is 5G? 

5G is the next generation of the mobile network after 4G LTE which is expected to change the way we live and work. If 2G brought us SMS and MMS, 3G with the mobile internet, 4G with streaming and social sharing, 5G is the future where it will bring all devices interconnected in today’s modern society.  

5G can be a game-changer for businesses but not everyone can simply implement modern technologies immediately. But, what does 5G mean for businesses?  


Benefits of 5G Network For Businesses 

Faster Speed and Higher Capacity 

5G networks are said to be 100 times faster than 4G which can provide a major boost for companies. Placing that into perspective, if downloading on an LTE can take 10 to 15 minutes, with 5G, it would be possible to do in under 10 seconds. With faster speed, transferring a large amount of data will no longer be a problem.  

5G also offers a greater capacity to cope with multiple applications all at once. The battery life for your smart devices is expected to improve along with these features that will allow your business to become more responsive.  

Increased Productivity 

5G will allow businesses to work faster and provide more services in less time. More employees are consuming data continuously through their smartphone or mobile devices and you want to ensure that their time spent on mobile phones is productive.  

With a much more reliable network, your employees will spend less time fretting about connectivity and more time to focus on important tasks.  

Smart Working 

One of the major advantages of a 5G network in the business world is the ability to work anywhere. Yes, some professionals are already working remotely but still, there are a few setbacks. With the promise of higher data speeds, remote work can be completed at a quicker rate even when employees aren’t connected to the business network.  

In addition to that, smart buildings and offices are likely to develop continuously with 5G connectivity which can provide a more secure and efficient working environment that businesses can operate in.  


5G can create new opportunities for your business. If you have a network that is capable of faster speed, higher capacity, and lower latency, you can develop new business models or embed new systems so your business can grow faster against your competitors.  


The Future of 5G Connectivity 

How To Get Your Business Ready? 

 “China Mobile Hong Kong, Hutchinson and HKT have launched commercial 5G services in Hong Kong as of April 1”, according to an article from RCR 

With these developments, how can you ensure that your business is ready?  


1.      Long-Term Strategy 

Start planning for your Digital Transformation Strategy. You should probably have an idea of what should be included and how 5G fits into it. If not, do your research, learn its capabilities and how can you incorporate your current business processes to sync with the new technology that comes with the 5G network. 

Make innovation a part of your company culture and there should be clear communication within the organization to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Every department or area in your business will be affected by 5G and old processes might have to be discarded to make room for changes.  


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2.      Organize Your IT Systems

Get your IT systems ready for 5G and start transferring your systems and files to the cloud if you haven’t already. Prepare to scale up and address concerns such as data security. Each company can have different solutions, but it should include the extensive use of cloud computing services.  

Your business can benefit from using the cloud as it can be accessible to anyone on your team with their mobile device even when they are outside of your business location.  


3.      Find the right partner   

When you adopt 5G to your business, you will need a trusted partner to help you manage your IT infrastructure, devices, and systems as your business expand and change. Look for a partner that provides you with proactive IT service management 

You might think that you can do it alone, but you might miss vital details that are needed when you slowly incorporate 5G into your business.  


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