How Digital Technology Help Improve Organization During A Pandemic

Covid-19 pushes businesses to navigate not only the financial challenge, but also the operational side of the business while tackling the needs of their people, customers, and partners. With more services shifting online, our business’ ability to adapt can be put to the test.  

What are the challenges this pandemic poses? 

Our current situation is unsettling, we are facing a lot of challenges ensuring that our business continues to stay afloat, not only for us in Uniserve, but also for other businesses 

Changing Customer Habits 

The COVID-19 outbreak has pushed us to reevaluate how our support center is leveraged, and how can our team deliver appropriate customer experiences, and how digital tools can be utilized to support business continuity not only through this crisis but in the future of service.  

This pandemic has changed our experiences and behavior as customers, business owners, and employees. The demands and experience have been shifted, forcing us to rethink digital strategies to capture new targets and opportunities. 

Workforce Disruption 

Businesses around the world are experience workforce disruption. We are all still determining how we will conduct our business in the short- and long-term. Workforces are doing their best to function and perform well while trying to cope with what is happening around them.  

Helping people within the organization to navigate the shift from working in the office to working from home, still stays as a challenge. Regular virtual chats and conversations remain a key factor to protect and empower employees. 


Changes to consumer behavior and routines are throwing our business off balance. The response to this pandemic is to think about how we can speed up the process of adopting agile ways of working to cope in these uncertain times. Restructuring our business to avoid risk and allow for growth post-COVID-19 is necessary.  


Work from Home Microsoft 365 Graphics - Uniserve IT

How we utilize Digital technology to thrive during a pandemic 

We all know the importance of having the right tools to ensure that our business is running smoothly even when employees are working at the comforts of their homeAs an IT Company, we need to be an example for our clients to highlight the benefits of digital technology such as Microsoft 365 tools, which enables us to continue providing good service for our clients.  

From the basic office tools like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, and Outlook, there are other 365 apps you can utilize to thrive during a pandemic.  


Microsoft Teams 

The importance of staying connected in these trying times is vital not only for productivity but maintaining the professional relationship within the employees. Utilizing Microsoft Teams has allowed us to quickly reach out to any member of our team and collaborate no matter our location.  

Microsoft SharePoint 

SharePoint is a very useful tool among enterprises, it can be used for data storage and document management. Aside from this, it can also be used for other purposes such as project management, employee onboarding, and more.  

SharePoint is highly customizable allowing you to customize according to your needs. It’s easy to use and allows business to save time and cost spent on training employees to use the platform. SharePoint enables our business to be well organized and centralized.  

Microsoft Stream 

Videos can make our work-life more exciting; it can easily be shared, and it is a useful type of content to conduct training, workshops, or meeting. Microsoft Stream fits any type of business. If you are onboarding an employee, you can create a welcome video, explain the policies, and work culture of the organization.  

You can also create videos that encourage all your employees and give reminders, especially in these times that mental health is a great concernAs technology continues to advance, it is important to tap into various platforms such as videos. 

Microsoft Whiteboard 

No matter the size of your business, Microsoft Whiteboard offers various advantages. Businesses have different department, and each is composed of team members who are regularly communicating and collaborating.  

Microsoft Whiteboard allows collaboration in realtime, laying out strategies, flows, or presentations, it is an efficient and effective tool to use. Gone are the pens and post-its to express ideas. Now that we are working virtually, brainstorming can still be enjoyable with Microsoft Whiteboard.  


Keeping things stable during an uncertain time 

The coronavirus outbreak has tested our capabilities. Businesses need to have the right set of digital solutions to successfully collaborate and conduct business operations remotely. Business continuity is important to prevent the devastating situation of unemployment once this pandemic is over. Remote work should be an option not only in today’s time but also for the future.