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Making sure that your business software is properly licensed can at times be overlooked by your own IT department. This is usually due to people being unaware of the repercussions of using unlicensed software.

These licenses come in many configurations like OEM, SaaS, and enterprise licensing, to name a few. And understanding the differences can be quite a challenge for an IT staff, being a vital part of every business’ IT requirements.

Small to medium-sized businesses that don’t have a dedicated staff to handle software could be taking a risk with licensure compliance. When your software is not up to date with license requirements, your business runs a significant risk of becoming non-compliant, by both the developer and the law. Failure to be compliant can result in significant fines.

Good thing outsourcing software license management is widely available from IT Managed Services Providers, primarily to offload this tedious network manager’s responsibilities. Read along to know the benefits of outsourcing your business software licensing.


Benefit Of Professional Licensing

Whether you run your software on-premise or in the cloud, outsourcing its licensing can ensure the most cost-efficient ways to update its license, aligned with your business needs.


Benefit Of Professional Licensing

A mandatory software audit can be a time-consuming duty for your in-house IT department. By outsourcing your software licensing to a trusted IT Managed Services Provider, you can rest assured that your business always remains compliant and not violating any law by using unlicensed enterprise software.

maximize resources when you leave licensing to pros

An expert IT managed services provider can help you make the most of your IT budget by subscribing only to the software that cater to your business process needs, and not to those which do not serve a purpose to your business.

Boost productivity when you leave licensing to pros


We can help you find the most effective way of licensing your business software, while your business remain compliant. By outsourcing your software licensing to Uniserve. We’ll do the heavy lifting for you by taking the complex task of managing different software licenses in your organization.

Contact us today to learn how Uniserve can help your business remain compliant, and provide added peace of mind.

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