Must-Have Tech Tools To Power A Modern Workplace



When you think about a modern workplace, you think of open spaces, gaming areas, and unique furniture. That’s all true, but it’s much more than the physical features. Technology is changing the way all of us work within and outside of our offices. The modern workplace is digital and smart.  

The nature of work has changed, and consequently, the nature of the workplace has changed too. One of the many challenges business owners face is finding ways for employees to communicatecollaborate, engage, and keep focusFor a modern workplace to be successful, aside from meeting the needs of people, investing in the right technology is one of the key factors.  


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Communication Tools 

Communication and collaboration are vital for employees and businesses to succeed. Investing in tools with essential features like file sharing, chats, team conferences, and calendar syncing should be utilized for this to be effective.  

Some factors to consider when choosing the right tools are: 

  • Accessibility – should be available on all devices
  • Reliability  should function even with connectivity issues 
  • Adaptability  should be user-friendly 
  • Interconnectivity  should be integrated easily 



In today’s modern world, you’ll often find yourselves no longer working in a confined space. You will always look for flexibility and the ability to work from any locationany time of the day. Businesses find themselves adapting to a highly mobile workforce that allows employees access to corporate technology and offering a compliant system that connects them 24/7.  

The market today is demanding and competitive. Employees need a mobile work setting to meet the demands of customers and be responsive. Businesses need to embrace this new concept to improve employee’s creativity and productivity.  


Security Tools 

Data security is non-negotiable in a modern workplace. No one is safe from cyber-attacks, and it’s not only external. Internal mistakes such as employees sharing passwords or making it visible can compromise your business’ security. 

Security tools that can manage users identities and authenticating such users are fundamental to ensure that your modern workplace is always secure and monitored proactively. As the number of threats continues to rise, your workplace security must keep up and evolve. 



Most Used Apps and Software 

Businesses all over the world are investing in apps and tools that focus on communication, collaboration, and security. Some of the most used apps are: 


1. Slack 

An app for internal communication and management of projects for discussion and brainstorming among team members.  


2. Zoom 

An app that provides remote video conferencing or meetings of up to 100 people from any locations. 


3. Teams 

A platform for collaboration and communications that combines file storage and sharing, chat, video meetings, and more.  


4. Trello 

web-based app that allows users to manage projects and track progress.  


5. G Suite 

productivity and collaboration tool developed by Google where users can share and store files, create documents, chat, and do video conference. 


Our Recommendation 

Aside from the apps mentioned above, the ideal software for a modern workplace is Microsoft 365. Its an integrated solution for productivity, communication, and security. With a simple and secure login, you can access Outlook, Word, Excel, OneNote, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, and more from anywhere, on any device, any time. 


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