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The best way to protect your business from being hacked is to keep your software and applications up to date.

Are you one of those people who often ignore software update notification that pops up on your screen now and then? We tend to overlook these things and we used to say, “if it’s not broken, why fix it?”, but it is one of the most common mistakes we usually commit that can cost us our business.

Windows, iOS, or any other software updates may take a few moments of our time, but those minutes will keep your information from being vulnerable to hackers.

Even the biggest names in the technology can be hacked, such as the Microsoft incident that happened in 2019. Given this fact, if they are at risk, so are you.

Software providers deliver regular updates to fix functionalities and most update it automatically, but you must make sure to click agree once prompted to install updates.


Following are the common software and applications to keep updated:

  1. Operating Systems (e.g. Windows, Android, Mac OS & iOS)
  2. Anti-Virus Software
  3. Browsers (e.g. Chrome or Safari)
  4. Microsoft Applications (e.g. Microsoft 365)
  5. Plugins (e.g. Adobe Reader, Flash player, etc.)


Reasons Why Software Updates Are Important

Cybercrime Protection

Hackers can be lurking in the system waiting for the right moment. All your private information – personal identification, confidential documents, passwords, and bank account information – can be used to commit crimes.

As a business owner, these wouldn’t only affect you and the business but also your employees’ safety. Regularly updating your software and system will keep the hackers out.


 Fix Bugs and Malware

There is no such thing as perfect software no matter how much the software providers try. Even with all the tests, they can still overlook some bugs and malware thus fixing it through updates and patches. If you keep on ignoring those updates that pop up on your screen, then you’ll continue to be vulnerable to hackers and viruses.


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Better Security

Hackers are getting better and data security is becoming more intricate. For small businesses, reliance on old and outdated software is the only option but the risk of data leakage or hacking is high.

Investing in software that offers constant updates will ensure that your system is continuously supported by software providers.


Benefit from New Features

Updates are not only about fixing bugs or malware, oftentimes, they also add new features based on the current trends and needs of the users. Regular updates will let you and your employees enjoy these benefits.


Decrease Downtime

Downtime means a loss of productivity and profitability. Some IT issues can be solved by keeping your software up to date and it will definitely save you a lot of money than replacing all your systems.


How To Manage Your Updates?

Determine the best time to install updates in your office, if you are running a 9 to 5 business, then after office hours would be the ideal time so production time won’t be affected. Once a schedule is deployed, inform your employees and make sure that they all have a back up of their files.

You can also develop a policy for your employees to install non-critical updates that don’t require them to restart their computers and let your IT support team handle the rest.


How Uniserve IT can help you

At Uniserve IT, we can provide your business with a strategic IT Management service to keep your office system up to date. Contact us today!

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