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Every business, no matter the size, should put its employees’ well-being and productivity at its core. After all, it’s the driving force that propels your business to grow.

Adapting to small changes can significantly improve the levels of engagement and productivity in your workplace. One of these changes is moving to a cloud-based system when it comes to your software. And when the cloud is mentioned, Microsoft 365 can’t be far behind.

In line with taking advantage of using technology to improve your operations, Office 365 offers more than just a set of nifty tools, it’s basically a new and innovative way of working.

With this, we’ve listed the top reasons why you should consider using Office 365 for your business:

1. Easy Access

Office 365 allows you to work anywhere and at any given time, as long as you have an internet connection. Being completely cloud-based, these tools allow you to access your e-mail, files, and the rest of the Microsoft Office Programs (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.) from any location, and any device.

This is just one of the biggest pros of Office 365, as this is highly beneficial to companies or organizations with remote employees in multiple locations.

If you’re subscribed to a plan that includes the desktop version of Microsoft Office, the software can also be installed up to five devices per user. Talk about mobility.


2. Reduced Operational Expenses

As a subscription-based service, Office 365 entails an annual or monthly fee. This gets rid of the hefty upfront costs for purchasing new software, as you’re leasing vs. buying. This also positively impacts IT costs from capital to operating expenses.

With Office 365, you have the power and the option to switch off services that you don’t use. In addition, a monthly subscription enables you to cut costs and spend your savings on other operational expenses.


3. No more licensing issues!

Going through software licenses is a challenge for business owners. You might overlook these details when one employee is using an older version, while the others are using a newer version of the software. As a key decision-maker, it’s your goal to bring everyone up to speed by working using the same version of your toolset.

You don’t even have to go over this hurdle with an Office 365 subscription. This cloud-based system includes all licensing requirements, and it can be deployed company-wide. This means everyone has the same version of Microsoft Office, and all users will get upgrades at the same time.


Benefits of Office365 for business productivity


4. Collaborate seamlessly.

Fostering a collaborative environment is one of the workplace goals a leader must accomplish. With Office 365, this is highly attainable as anyone who needs to contribute or edit a document can work at the same time, and apply real-time changes, versus having multiple versions of the said file. This basically means everyone gets the same version of the truth!

The subscription also allows your team direct access to multiple files rather than attaching them to e-mails. What’s even better is Office 365’s permission to restore files into older versions, in case changes have to be reverted.


5. Advanced Security Features

 In contrast to the misconception that cloud isn’t safe, Office 365 is as safe as any on-premise system. It largely depends on how cautiously you use it, and on the security measures, you practice per your IT usage policies. Office 365 guarantees its subscribers a fail-proof built-in security system for safekeeping your company’s data.


Office 365 has clear and definite pros for boosting your business productivity. It revolves around the aspects of enhancing your team’s collaborative abilities, enhancing workplace mobility, and ensuring your data security. Indeed, Office 365 provides business solutions that go above and beyond the installed version of Microsoft Office.

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