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One of the major topics being discussed in the business world today is cybersecurity, for obvious reasons. Data is the most important asset for any company and to lose it would put businesses at risk.

Most breaches came in through a network, and threats are progressively coming in via endpoints. To have a head start over questionable activities across endpoints, users, and networks, implementing a centralized endpoint security solution will boost your defenses against multiple threats.

What Is Endpoint Security?

Endpoint security or endpoint protection is often confused with other network security tools such as antivirus or firewalls but there is a significant difference between each. While antivirus is about protecting PC’s, and the firewall is about filtering the traffic coming in and out of a network, endpoint security covers the whole picture.

An endpoint is a device that can communicate with a network in which it is connected. Endpoints include:

Each device that connects to your network can pose a threat as it embodies a vulnerable entry point for cybercriminals. The exposure of endpoints to a wide array of dangers including viruses, malware, and brute force attacks makes them the main target for criminals looking to gain illegal access to target networks.

In today’s world where mobility is changing the modern workforce, endpoints have now become a major concern when it comes to cybersecurity.

Securing every aspect of your network is what endpoint security is all about. It is a combination of protection, detection, and prevention against threat which help businesses determine the cause and monitor actions to stop possible intrusions.

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How Endpoint Security Can Benefit Your Business?

Establishing an integrated security solution to protect your network is ineffective if you are not combining it with an endpoint protection system.

Aside from your business having a Disaster Recovery Plan in place, your endpoint security still plays a vital role when it comes to keeping every corner of your business safe.



The first line of defense in your cybersecurity strategy should be preventing any malicious threats from getting near to your network devices. Your business should already have a firewall and antivirus software that can protect users when they are online.

While each protection is good, it doesn’t stop malware from gaining entry through an external device plugged into your network nor blocking access to your network.

With an endpoint protection solution in place, it can proactively monitor your network, your weak points, and your devices maintaining the overall health of your system.


Downtime Decreases

A downtime outage can cost your business a lot. When your network is compromised, the time spent fighting off malware prevents you from providing continuous service to your customers.

If a breach leads to loss of data from your server, you might not only suffer financially, but your reputation is compromised especially if an outage lasts for too long. A proactive endpoint security solution will prevent these scenarios from happening.


Finding Unpatched Devices

Hackers used unpatched endpoints as the first step to their main target, most of our endpoints are behind on updates and it usually takes time to install patches for each.

One of the benefits of endpoint protection especially to your IT team is finding unpatched devices before hackers can exploit them. In addition, endpoint protection can patch devices that won’t interrupt your employee’s workflow.


Simplified Cybersecurity

You might think that overloading your endpoints with multiple protection decreases the risks of a breach, but it can create more vulnerabilities. The fewer, the better, in which comprehensive endpoint security provides.


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Are You Managing Your Endpoint?

Acquiring an endpoint security system will allow your business to take control of all your entry points. Aside from removing cyber threats, it also blocks malware’s attempt to access your business network.

Uniserve IT Solutions combines the best of both worlds for your endpoint protection: IT Security and IT Management. We will provide you with the right endpoint security solution and give you peace of mind that your business is always protected.

Contact us and get started with a new security solution for your business.