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Remote support has been around for decades, but it is usually underutilized. As technology continues to advance, basic IT support will not be enough for your business to thrive, businesses must also consider having a remote IT support service which provides a lot of benefits.

Now that we are experiencing a global health emergency regarding the new coronavirus which started in Wuhan, China. Is your business prepared for it?

This kind of situation rarely happens but when it does, it would be better to have your remote support ready especially when your business uses technology all the time. Either you are a small or large business owner, it is important to have backups.


How Does Remote IT Work?

Remote tech support is an important tool in any help desks. With proper tools and a reliable connection, any IT support provider can solve issues of users without leaving their computers or desks. Remote support technicians can fix any issues similar to what an on-site technician does unless it is a hardware problem.

Common technical issues that can be addressed remotely:

  • Slow Computers or Laptops
  • Password Resets
  • VPN Connection
  • Software and Program problems
  • Locked Accounts
  • Network Access
  • Antivirus Protection
  • Spyware Clean Up

For businesses without the internal IT department, remote tech support is beneficial as they can support any clients from any location.


Benefits of Remote IT Support For Your Business:

Access to the Latest Technology

As mentioned above, technology is always evolving, and it would be hard to keep up if you are running a business. Having a quality remote IT support provider can provide you access to the latest software and tools such as Microsoft 365 and cloud services.

They can also offer advice on how you can improve your current infrastructure and set up your business for success.



Most problems with IT can be done remotely. Knowing this, business owners can save time as remote tech support offers an immediate solution to problems instead of waiting for an on-site technician to get to your office which usually takes two to three hours at most.

Besides, hiring remote support from your IT service provider will cost less than hiring full-time employees that offer the same benefits, plus a variety of options for support solutions and security.



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More Time to Focus on Business

As a business owner, your main goal is to grow your business. If you and your employees are always having IT issues, the level of productivity will decrease. Having tech support that does the job remotely will lessen your worries and keep everyone’s focus on achieving business goals.


Emergency IT Support

With remote access, if your computer, laptop, or network encounters a problem, your IT support provider can fix any issues including upgrades and troubleshooting at any point of the day, especially after business hours.


System Maintenance

A managed IT support service provider will always keep an eye on any problems, ensuring that any system issues won’t affect the business. Maintenance is essential, and your remote support vendor can keep your business protected by regularly updating your software and firmware.


Looking for a remote IT support provider for your business? Contact us today and learn how we can help you! Uniserve IT Solutions provides customers with the highest quality of IT Support Services.

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