Reasons Why Your Business Needs (DLP) Data Loss Prevention

Reasons Why Your Business Needs (DLP) Data Loss Prevention - Header Blog

In today’s situation where everyone alternates between working from home and working within the office, data breaches and other risks are more likely to happen. Large companies have more data to steal from, but smaller companies have less secure networks making them an easy target for cybercriminals.  

There are multiple solutions your business can implement to protect data, but technology is only effective if the people in charge of monitoring and managing it is as good as your tools. Your solutions should complement your strategy regardless of the industry and size of your business.  

What is Data Loss Prevention (DLP)? 

DLP or Data Loss Prevention is a security strategy that protects users from accidentally sending critical data or information outside the business network. DLP is a set of tools and processes ensuring all your corporate data is not misused or being accessed by unauthorized users.  

DLP tools can encrypt your data being transported through an internal or external network to an endpoint destination.  Data Loss Prevention also monitors the data used by applications or in service and safeguards the data that is currently on your archived.  

Different types of DLP Solutions 

Network DLP 

Detection, prevention of accidental loss, and malicious threats are why Network DLP is vital. The capability to hinder critical information from being transferred outside of your corporate network will ensure that the data in motion are secured. 

Once in your system, Network DLP scans all contents passing through your company ports for monitoring, tracking, and reporting of all the data in transit. If there is an unintentional policy violation within your business network, DLP will notify the user and provide explanations to help training for proper protocols.  

Storage DLP 

Your employees store and share a lot of information and most of it contains confidential data that may be at risk for leakage, which is a great concern for many business owners. Through storage DLP, it allows you to view corporate data that are shared and stored within the corporate network.  

The possibility of identifying sensitive files and preventing data leakage with this solution will enable you to work without worrying about stored or shared files across your network. As a business owner, you want to protect your company at all costs, and if all your data is stored in the cloud, for example, this would be a good solution for you.  

Endpoint DLP 

Last month, Microsoft announced the extension of data loss prevention to the endpoint in Microsoft 365 due to businesses shifting to remote work and the need to reassess their security and risk management policies. Microsoft Endpoint DLP has the capability of monitoring and protecting confidential data that are on Windows 10 devices.  

Once the device is onboarded into the M365, it will enable you to see the user’s activity and implement protective measures on important files by DLP policies. Preventing risky and inappropriate sharing or use of sensitive information following your business policies is one of the great advantages of Endpoint DLP.  

Note that Endpoint DLP only works on subscriptions or add-ons in:  

  • Microsoft 365 E5 
  • Microsoft 365 A5 (EDU) 
  • Microsoft 365 E5 compliance
  • Microsoft 365 A5 compliance 
  • Microsoft 365 E5 information protection and governance 
  • Microsoft 365 A5 information protection and governance 

How Data Loss Prevention Works

Reasons your organization needs DLP 

Increase of Outside Threats 

Loss of critical data is a situation you don’t want to happen. Hackers or data thieves are getting more sophisticated and new ways of accessing networks are created every day. Data breaches can cost your business a lot of money paying fines and incurring negative publicity and lose customers. Given this situation, proactively monitoring for new threats is essential which is why implementing a DLP strategy is necessary.  

Malicious Insider Threats 

Employees stealing and selling data rarely happens, but it does happen. People you hire might have intentions to cause harm to your company especially the disgruntled employees who already have access to sensitive information 

Implementing a Data Loss Prevention strategy can discourage your employees to sell data. With proper implementation along with effective training, they can help you catch those who do it and help prevent creating serious damage that will affect your business operation.  

Mobility Threats 

New channels for communication are added regularly. With the increase in implementing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), numerous companies can operate more effectively. However, it’s always going to be a challenge tracking the rising number of mobile devices being used and poor maintenance of your BYOD policy can negatively impact your security.  

With BYOD, employees can unintentionally share confidential data through their devicesSome of your employees might not be aware of the data’s level of security within their device or being transmitted. DLP can provide access and monitor activity on your employee’s mobile device, thus protecting sensitive information.  

Cloud Storage 

Aside from the challenge brought by BYOD, another point to be taken is employees storing files on their storage like Google Drive or Dropbox.  This can happen if your business doesn’t implement proper security measures and protocols.   

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to have an ironclad business network security measure in place ensuring your employees have authorized access to data and make certain that it stays within the company network.  


People make mistakes and it’s normal, but it shouldn’t be used as an excuse to forget about your security plans. Implementing a wellthought-out DLP strategy to keep an eye on your critical data will ensure that you and your employees will prevent making these mistakes again and again. It’s a subject where you should be paying attention to and laying a strong foundation from the beginning will result in fewer problems down the road.  

Those who have the right version of Microsoft 365 may already have the DLP solution but if you want to explore more and prevent being a victim of cyberattack, reach out to us today and we will be happy to assist.  


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