DRaaS is a cloud computing and back up service model that uses cloud resources to protect applications and data from any disasters providing businesses a complete back up in the event of system failure.

As businesses embrace cloud computing, DRaaS should always be included in the plan to ensure data protection.

Our service includes restoration of data to an infrastructure we take up in our cloud environment, or a temporary on-premises server to get your business up and running in the case of a severe outage.

We can provide temporary on-loan equipment, endpoints, servers, storage, firewalls, etc. to help you get your business back on its feet ASAP.


Benefits Of DRaaS For Your Business

Lower Cost

By using a cloud-based DRaaS solution from your IT service provider, you’ll only pay for what you truly use. Over time, if the business needs to increase, then necessary upgrades will only be implemented. Although DRaaS is considered as an investment, the long-term cost will still be reduced.

Faster Recovery

Since Disaster Recovery as a Service backs up data via the internet, businesses will recuperate quicker in case of data loss. Data can also be recovered through the internet at any location with proper credentials.

Secured Backup Guarantee

Access to your data accounts is protected by multi-factor authentication protocols securing your data and covering all the vulnerabilities.

Hiring an outsourced IT provider for your DRaaS to handle data backup and disaster recovery will allow business employees to focus more on operations rather than technical issues.

Why Choose Uniserve IT Solutions?

By acquiring a DRaaS solution from Uniserve IT Solutions, your business won’t have to worry about backing up important data. In the event of disasters, you will have peace of mind, and your business downtime is minimized since you can recover lost data immediately.

Contact our IT experts today and know more about complete data backup solutions.

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