Modernized Device Management 

In a modern workplace, employees need to have the ability to work anytime, anywhere on any device while maintaining security and control over those devices. 

Given the increasing number of device models, types, and multiple operating systems, safeguarding a well-running infrastructure of user devices has become multifaceted. All this requires is a cohesive approach to the management of end-user devices.  

At Uniserve IT Solutions, we have the right tools to manage your business devices. We utilize platforms to ensure that end-users devices will have the flexibility required for operation without losing control over software updates, licenses, and security.   

Mobile Device Management (MDM) 

Our mobile devices now have more capabilities than ever, thus the importance of mobile device management. Our service includes storing crucial information on your device, determining apps that should be on your device, and securing it, if lost or stolen.  

To improve productivity without sacrificing security, you will need a proper mobile device management solution that can simplify the challenge of managing multiple devices.  

Mobile Application Management (MAM) 

Businesses are shifting to a mobile-friendly workforce and we are seeing an increase in the level of usage for mobile applications. At Uniserve IT Solution, it is our responsibility to ensure that your employee’s devices are ready for corporate usage by installing the required apps and keep it running with the latest version. We have the capability for efficient app management.   

End-User Computing 

If your user base is spread across multiple locations, managing a workspace can be a challenge. End-User Computing is all about bringing your digital workspace to life. 

We provide an improved service that will support end-users with their IT Computing needs. With the ever-decreasing demand for higher productivity and lower cost, more companies turn to outsource End-User Computing services with Uniserve IT Solutions.  


Talk to our IT Specialist 

If you are keen on optimizing software costs and minimize user downtime and the accompanying risk, talk to one of our IT Specialists today and you can start managing your device with us! 

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