Information security is all about the layers.

The world of IT security is a terrifying place. Every day, there are severe data breaches or a new piece of malware inflicting havoc in the IT world. Your company is always a target and any attack on your business will result in a negative impact.

How we minimize the risks?

At Uniserve, we provide you with the best tools we can find and deploying them intelligently to reduce the chances of an attacker getting through your system. We will limit the damage in malware in case of cyber-attacks and we immediately respond to any problems that may occur.

Our industry-leading security tools include:

  • Anti-virus on all servers and endpoints to detect and block virus and malware
  • Anti-spam filters to block junk and malicious email
  • Internet policy enforcement to ensure your users are only going to safe sites
  • Data usage policy governs safety usage of data against virus/malware
  • End-user and IT security awareness training to help your users identify and avoid “social engineering” attacks and establish best practices on the safe use of computer devices.
  • Close monitoring of daily backup with random restoration test to secure data backup, ensuring systems can be restored quickly
  • End-user support to identify, clean, and restore your systems if malware rears its ugly head
  • We keep up to date with the current trends to constantly identify new and better tools to protect your users, IT infrastructure, and data.

Protect Your Data with Us

Uniserve IT Solutions has the perfect mix of knowledge and expertise to fill the gaps in your IT capabilities. We are your trusted partner providing you with guidance for improving your IT. We ensure a universal approach for organizations to provide solutions when it comes to your identity, data protection, risk, and threat management. Contact us today.

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